Invitation to Invest in Shaoguan Renhua Industrial Transfer Park

Welcome to the Innovation Center for Renewable Energy and Future Technologies

Shaoguan Renhua Industrial Transfer Park, located in Guangdong, China, offers exceptional investment opportunities for global renewable energy and future technology enterprises. Our park is designed to drive innovation and competitiveness, providing state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive infrastructure tailored to industry needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Strategic Location: Close to major markets in Asia and beyond.
  • Advanced Infrastructure: Cutting-edge facilities supporting R&D and manufacturing.
  • Skilled Workforce: Rich pool of professionals in the energy and tech sectors.
  • Government Support: Attractive incentives and policies to encourage investment and growth.

Shaoguan’s Historical and Cultural Advantages

Shaoguan is a city with a rich cultural heritage and abundant natural resources, attracting numerous tourists and cultural exchanges. Renhua County, known for its beautiful natural scenery and convenient transportation, provides an ideal environment for business development.

  • Historical Culture: Deep cultural roots and rich tourism resources.
  • Natural Environment: Beautiful ecological surroundings and clean air quality.
  • Convenient Transportation: Efficient transportation network connecting major cities nationwide.

Global Competitiveness in Renewable Energy and Future Technologies

Renhua Industrial Transfer Park stands out globally with its focus on sustainability and innovation. We are committed to excellence in renewable energy and future tech industries, making us the ideal location for leading the global market.

  • Innovation Hub: Collaborate with leading research institutions and industry experts.
  • Sustainable Practices: Emphasis on environmentally friendly production processes.
  • Future Technologies: Focus on renewable energy, electric vehicles, smart manufacturing, and other cutting-edge tech sectors.
  • Cost Efficiency: Competitive operational costs with high-quality output.

Join us at Shaoguan Renhua Industrial Transfer Park and become a leader in driving the future of renewable energy and technology. For more information and investment opportunities, please contact our development office.

Investment Totaling 243.9 Billion Yuan! The 2024 Pearl River Delta and East-West-North Guangdong Economic and Trade Cooperation Investment Conference Successfully Held

On June 19th, the 2024 Pearl River Delta and East-West-North Guangdong Economic and Trade Cooperation Investment Conference was grandly held in Guangzhou. Under the theme of “Regional Collaboration, Creating a Shared Future,” the conference concluded with 319 cooperation projects, totaling an investment of 243.9 billion yuan.The conference comprehensively implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the important instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection tour of Guangdong. It rigorously followed the provincial party committee’s “1310” specific deployment, aiming to gather strengths from all sides, facilitate orderly industrial transfer, support the implementation of the “Hundred Thousand Million Project,” and accelerate the coordinated development between urban and rural areas in Guangdong.Governor Wang Weizhong attended the conference and delivered a speech, expressing heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government to guests and friends who have long been concerned about and supported Guangdong’s reform and development. Wang emphasized that investment attraction is a crucial measure for promoting the development of East-West-North Guangdong and enhancing regional coordination within the province. In recent years, Guangdong has vigorously promoted key tasks such as the “Hundred Thousand Million Project,” prioritizing manufacturing, orderly industrial relocation, and the “Five Foreign-Related Links,” leading to a vibrant development trend in the East-West-North region, which has become an attractive destination for many enterprises.

At the event, the mayors or equivalent officials from 12 cities in East-West-North Guangdong and three cities (Huizhou, Jiangmen, and Zhaoqing) introduced investment opportunities. Companies including Zhejiang Wanyang Group, China Resources Power, and Germany’s TÜV Rheinland Group shared their investment experiences in the region. Moreover, 20 major projects were signed on-site.During the event, an exhibition showcasing the achievements of economic and trade cooperation between the Pearl River Delta and East-West-North Guangdong was organized, alongside investment inspection tours for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs in these regions, fully demonstrating the investment potential and cooperation space.Zhang Jinsong, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Director General of the Guangdong Department of Commerce, stated that East-West-North Guangdong is undergoing remarkable changes, exhibiting strong momentum for high-quality development, affirming the correctness of the provincial government’s decision to promote balanced urban-rural and regional development and orderly industrial transfer.Starting from 2023, Guangdong plans to host the Economic and Trade Cooperation Investment Conference between the Pearl River Delta and East-West-North regions annually in the first half of the year. Through five years of efforts, it aims to attract over 5,000 domestic and foreign-funded industrial projects in the East, West, and North regions, with a total investment exceeding 2 trillion yuan, including more than 1,000 projects with investments over ten million yuan.The successful hosting of this investment conference has established an important platform for economic and trade cooperation between the Pearl River Delta and East-West-North Guangdong, injecting new vitality into Guangdong’s regional development.For more information on investment opportunities in China’s Greater Bay Area, please visit We provide comprehensive, up-to-date investment news and professional analysis, assisting you in seizing investment opportunities and enhancing your wealth.

Exclusive summary: the seventh batch of manufacturing single champion list


为贯彻落实《关于加快培育发展制造业优质企业的指导意见》(工信部联政法〔2021〕70号),根据《工业和信息化部办共厅 中国工业经济联合会关于开展2022年制造业单项冠军企业(产品)培育遴选和复核评价工作的通知》(工信部联政法函〔2022〕47号),工业和信息化部、中国工业经济联合会组织开展了第七批制造业单项冠军企业(产品)培育遴选和第一批、第四批制造业单项冠军企业(产品)复核工作。