WangDou’s Reflections

  1. I thought the blockchain in 2017 was the best opportunity we could encounter in this group of ordinary people, but it turns out that the GPT in 2023 is the revolution at the root, because the blockchain in 2017 did not move the information itself, but only added such a value carrier as Token. The GPT now changes the way the information itself is generated, and even the way the value is generated, which is indeed very scary.
  2. I am now using the excitement of playing marbles for the first time in my crotch pants to open the GPT webpage and open my endless imagination and creativity!
  3. The biggest difference between this AI revolution and the blockchain revolution is that you need to really try, really interact with AI, really master the skills of controlling AI, and chanting mantras (prompts) like a dragon taming boy. Back in the days of the blockchain revolution, all you had to do was take some spare money to a casino and bet on it, and you could get ten or a hundred times more if you were lucky. There are a lot of “scientists” can even get a lot of casino vouchers and jack all kinds of wool (now still in WEB3 constantly staged)
  4. friends engaged in technology is also rapidly divided into two factions, the AI faction and the declining faction, because the technology that does not combine with AI will certainly go into decline.
  5. This AI revolution is the historical moment that really liberates the imagination and creativity of every ordinary person.
  6. Limit your wealth how much only your imagination and creativity.
  7. The only thing that limits the speed of your wealth growth is your execution and persistence.
  8. Wealth is redefined, recreated and redistributed by AI.
  9. All wealth (value) will be directly and indirectly related to AI.
  10. Immediately adjust the education strategy for the next generation, so that they can become the next generation of super dragon tamers as much as possible!