Embark on Your Business Journey in China – Specially Designed for Foreign Professionals with a Work Visa

As a foreign professional planning for a long-term stay in China with a work visa, we understand your need for a high-quality office space and professional services. Our office not only offers a comfortable working environment but also comprehensive support for your work visa requirements in China.

1. Chinese Work Visa Requirements and Introduction

  • Work Visa Essentials: The Chinese work visa (Z Visa) is designed for foreign nationals working in China. Applicants are required to submit relevant work invitation letters and qualification proofs.
  • Our Assistance: We offer services to assist with your work visa application, including document preparation and submission.

2. Prime Location

  • Located in the heart of the city, adjacent to major business districts, providing convenience for your business activities.

3. Comprehensive Service Support

  • Multilingual Team: Our team offers services in English, Chinese, and other languages to help you overcome language and cultural barriers.
  • Administrative and Legal Consultation: We provide professional advice to help you understand and meet the requirements for a Chinese work visa.

4. Modern Office Environment

  • Offices equipped with advanced facilities to meet all your business needs.
  • Flexible workspace design to accommodate both individuals and teams.

5. Social and Networking Building

  • Regular social events to help you integrate into the local community and expand your business network.
  • Cultural exchange activities to deepen your understanding of Chinese culture.

6. Flexible Leasing Plans

  • Offering a range of leasing plans from short to long-term to suit different stages of your requirements.

We offer more than just office space; we are your strong support in your business journey in China.

Contact us now to start your successful path in China!